Welcome to the Modern Air service information page.

Self-fly Aircraft Rental
Choose from the range of
aircraft we have available. From simple single engine Archers through the complex single, the Saratoga, to the Seneca twin.

Flying Instruction
We can help with licensing proficiency checks and skills tests. We can perform Multi and Single Engine Piston (Land) L.P.C.’s, Dual checks and IMC. Rating revalidation and PA46 Type Rating re-validations. We can renew your “lapsed” PPL or conduct PPL Ground Exams and Flight Tests as required to convert a foreign licence to JAR. PPL. However, we do not undertake professional pilot training or conversions.

Piper Aircraft Servicing
Aircraft maintenance is taken care of by Rudy and Kevin who operate under our EASA Part M subpart F approval. This helps ensure our aircraft are always in excellent condition or any faults can be quickly attended to.