The Team


Derick (sm)02  Derick Gunning

   Chief Flying Instructor
    and CAA Examiner

Derick has held a Commercial licence with instructor and examiner ratings for many years and has more than 7000hrs to his credit, mainly with Piper aircraft.

Derick is also an enthusiastic sailor although mainly coastal cruising now rather than racing. He also likes classic cars and keeps a couple of old 'bangers' for fun. He started a Volkswagen garage in 1979 which his brother now runs in Hertford.


Laurie (sm)Laurie Parke

Providing technical and admin support, Laurie retired from a lifetime working as an engineering surveyor in the aviation industry. He has been involved in obtaining the Modern Air Maintenance and Airworthiness approvals. He gained his UK PPL at Modern Air and had the distinction of being on board when our first Tomahawk decided to 'bend' a pushrod in its 120hr factory new engine during his Navigation Flight Test over Melton Mowbray! Fortunately we managed to limp into Leicester...


Christine (sm)Christine Bouma

Christine helped start Modern Air and has held PPL/Multi/IMC/Night licences and can find her way to all our club trip destinations provided she routes via Dover VOR and can remember whether she is 'going to' or 'coming from' that navaid. Even if your destination is for instance Jersey and you are relying on Christine for navigation it is essential you include DVR in your flight plan... Actually Christine has flown into snow covered runways, transited the Rhone valley more times than she can remember and formed long, deep and meaningful relationships with air traffic controllers throughout Europe, She is now providing essential IT support and bringing glamour into the office...!

Kevin (sm)
Kevin Gilbert

Kevin has many years experience.... Fishing, creating thunderstorms, predicting Formula 1 podium stars as well as maintaining our aircraft. Kevin can diagnose a PA28 cranking without the mags on at 100 metres... He can sign off the 25hr, 50hr and duplicate checks on Single Engine Aircraft.


Gary Thomas

Garry provides refuelling and Logistic support at weekends. He took on the role based on Derick’s promise of a flight to the Forts off the East Coast which he knows a lot about - must get around to this..!