1/6 Scale Beaufighter

by Ken Safer

1/6 Scale Flying R/C Model

  • Aircraft: Bristol Beaufighter, Mk Xc
  • Owner/Builder: Ken Safer
  • This remote control Bristol Beaufighter was constructed from fiberglass over balsa wood. It has a 10 foot wing span and a weight of 52 pounds. Factory drawings were used for the construction and had taken 2500 hours and $4,000 to complete. It has two Saito 300s four stroke engines, at 5 horsepower each, with a fuel capacity of 1/2 gallon giving 9 minutes flight time. The detail of the aircraft includes hand made retracts, flush rivets and panel lines, flaps, landing lights, full cockpit detail and a functional torpedo drop. The aircraft was painted after the Beaufighter located in RAF Museum in Hendon (London). Flying qualities include a tricky take off (sounds just like the original - Webmaster) but flies smooth, sounds great and lands perfectly. Awards won include the best scratch built award at Q.S.A.A. (Quarter Scale Aircraft Association) and first place at the Master Qualifier both in 1997.

    Additional views (click for bigger images):

    View from port side. 21kb.
    View from ahead. 24kb.
    View from starboard. 34kb.