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NEAD maintains a wide network of contacts with artists and performers who can do schools’ work – musicians, storytellers, puppeteers, dancers, artists and craftspeople… (etc), as well as people who can come into schools to run workshops on development issues.

‘World Voices’ was a project run by NEAD and funded by the Lottery Community Fund. It has expanded since its initial phase to include other people (who are not from the countries of the South) who have knowledge about the world and the skills to share this.

It aims to:

  • Enable young people and their teachers to learn about other countries and cultures either: directly from people whose cultural heritage is rooted in countries of the South – Africa, Asia or the Americas, or from those with broad knowledge or experience of these places.
  • Develop global citizenship by showing the interdependence of our world, addressing local/global sustainable development issues, promoting multicultural awareness and fostering anti-racist attitudes.

These ‘World Voices’ can bring to life studies of particular countries and cultures and contribute a perspective, often not found in mainstream texts, to a range of global issues.

In an area such as Norfolk with a small ethnic minority population – less than 1% recorded in the last census – this is a rare opportunity for your students to meet and learn from people with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Details of how to contact each World Voice are at the bottom of their individual page. Some are volunteers and will come and visit free of charge although you might be asked to pay for expenses. Other World Voices are professionals and you will have to pay a fee. You should contact them as far in advance as possible, allowing at least one month before the visit.

If you don't find a suitable person here for the work you are planning, it’s still worth contacting Sandy Betlem at NEAD to see if there is a contact that would fulfil your needs.

To search for the World Voice you would like to meet, select an option below:

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  2. Search for the most suitable person in terms of: continent, activity and development issue SEARCH PAGE

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