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NEADís Resources Centre lends and sells a wide range of teaching resources for classroom use and professional development.

These include:

  • Education packs, photopacks, videos, course texts, etc.
  • Games, role plays and simulations.
  • Posters and maps.
  • Books for children and young people Ė fiction and non-fiction.
  • Teachersí handbooks.

The resources provide information, ideas and activities for teachers and for pupils from pre-school to 18+. Examples of many teaching resources that are available for loan and/or for sale can be seen in our Resources Catalogue.

NEAD can organise well-stocked resources displays to bring into schools or to INSET sessions and other events where materials can be examined and discussed, bought or borrowed. A display can be tailored to fit particular needs or to cover a variety of or specific curriculum areas.

For more information on the Resources Centre, or to book a resources display, email Sarah Gann.

To borrow materials from NEADís library, you would need to become a member. The NEAD resourcesí library carries an extensive range of materials for use in the classroom. Whether itís rainforests or deserts, Benin or Bogota, feasts or famines, thereís sure to be a teaching pack that will be of use to you.

Membership for primary/middle schools costs £20 a year, for secondary schools £30 a year, and enables all staff to borrow materials. Itís a valuable resource that will give you the opportunity to enrich work in the classroom and bring a wealth of new information to your pupils. As a member you will also receive the NEAD Newsletter, issued three times a year.

If you wish to become a member of NEADís library, please complete the Membership Form.



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