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Links to other relevant and interesting sites you may like to visit. Some of these include pupils' activity pages.

None of these sites is under the control of NEAD, and we do not necessarily endorse any of the opinions that might be expressed on their pages. If you come across other websites that might be of interest for inclusion here, do let us know.
ActionAid is a unique partnership of people who are fighting for a better world - a world without poverty. This site links directly to their online resource catalogue for teachers.
Photos and information about cultural workshops and traditional storytelling offered for schools, colleges and other groups that want to study the American Indians. Topics include: history, dwellings, clothing, food, traditional and spiritual medicine, music, weapons and warriors.
A website providing information about the international trade in bananas.
The Bishopston Trading Company is a worker's co-operative selling clothes for women and children.
Contains information on CAFOD's work on materials linking sport and development.
The site of the people behind Red Nose Day. Everything you could ever want to know about what Comic Relief does, Red Nose Day and how your money will help change the world. Plenty of laughs and 'stuff for schools' too.
The Commonwealth Institute is an independent Commonwealth agency working to expand cultural horizons through education, culture and the arts.
NEAD is one of some 45 Development Education Centres in Britain, all of whom are members of the Development Education Association (DEA). To find out more about development education and the work of Development Education Centres, check out this site.
Global Express provides a rapid response to topical world events as they are happening, helping your pupils to understand news from and about the developing world. Produced by the Development Education Project, Manchester.
'Developing Citizenship' is a project for citizenship and secondary schools in a global context. It is supported by Oxfam, Save the Children, Unicef, Cheshire Development Education Centre, Manchester Development Education Project and Norfolk Education and Action for Development (NEAD).
The site of the UK government's Department for International Development (DfID). Information about current government policy on development issues. &
Comic Relief websites packed with information on the (Ghanaian) Day Chocolate Company, Kuapo Kokoo, fair trade, how to grow cocoa beans, how chocolate is made and the story of Divine Chocolate. Competitions, facts, games, resources for teachers.
A series of education pages, quizzes and interactive games exploring the themes of water conservation. recycling and environmental protection.
This website introduces the history and rationale behind fairtrade products and explains why buying fairtrade food can make a difference to farmers in the South. Includes case studies of farmers and their families whose existence previously depended on fluctuating world markets and costs set by the rich buyers in the North.
A fantastic site for younger children (and older ones seem to enjoy it too!). The interactive game 'Lolly Versus the Energy Monkeys' is a great way to gain confidence in mouse control while learning about energy saving in the home.
This Department for International Development (DfID) website contains a database of education resources for schools.
Designed to promote understanding of development issues, this site is based on the magazine, Global Eye, written for schools by Worldaware for the Department for International Development.
Christian Aid's 'Global Gang' website provides news and views from around the world in an interactive, lively educational format. Packed with online games, global gossip, celebrity features and the latest news, this online resource enables children from ages 8 to 12 to broaden their understanding of the world. It also contains teachers' pages which include multi-curricular lesson plans with innovative teaching ideas, fun educational worksheets for pupils, bite-sized background information, maps, pictures, and more.
Another regional Development Education Centre, offering schools' services like NEAD's, Harambee is based in Cambridge.
Artefacts, publications and web resources for teaching about the Indus Valley Civilisation.
`Just Business' is a project of NEAD which seeks to encourage and support the inclusion of a global and ethical dimension in the teaching and learning of Business Studies and Economics in UK schools. The `Just Business' website provides information and activities about global and ethical issues for students and teachers of Business Studies and Economics.
A number of groups and organisations in Britain promoting ethical trade in garments have come together under the umbrella of Labour Behind the Label to encourage consumers to ask for clothes which are made under fairer working conditions.
This is the site of Norfolk Multicultural Services (NMS), run by the former Multicultural Adviser for Norfolk, which aims to support schools broaden the horizons of their pupils to fully prepare them for the reality of living in a multi-ethnic society.
One Village is a wholesaler and retailer of craftmade articles for the home, and one of the suppliers for NEAD's World Shop.
Lots of information about global citizenship issues from one of the world's leading non-governmental organisations. This link takes you straight to `coolplanet for kids' from where there are further links to pages of ideas for teachers.
A vibrant, interactive website based on photographs and stories by young Palestinian refugees living in camps throughout Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza. The website promotes the value of children's values, challenges stereotypes and sparks debate. One of the few forums where Palestinian children can exchange views with others around the world. Follow stories, send messages, join in the exchange...
The school council website provides information about resources and training. It also provides an overview of how to make school councils effective and a basic step-by-step guide to setting up a school council. Further information includes school councils and citizenship education, pupil councils in primary schools, and class councils.
This site is designed to enable teachers to share their resources, including lesson plans, planning documents, worksheets, revision and test sheets. It currently contains materials sent in by more than 300 teachers.
From this site, you can download the Unicef Education Department's new report, `Citizenship in Schools: A baseline survey of curriculum & practice in sample English, Welsh & Northern Irish Education Authorities in Spring 2000'. This report should be of particular interest to all those interested in the prospects for where and how Citizenship Education will manifest itself in schools.
Information on waste and recycling issues, teaching resources, activities and ideas.

WaterAid's junior website contains activities for geography and ICT to introduce children to water issues at KS2.

North-South School Linking promotes and supports partnerships between schools in the UK and schools in the South (Africa, Asia, latin America and the Caribbean).

WWF-UK's website, which brings together information, resources and internet tools to support education for sustainable development (ESD) in a range of education settings such as schools, homes and libraries.



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