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NEAD can organise participative sessions in schools, working jointly with teachers, to give greater prominence to development issues, anti-racist and/or multicultural education in the school curriculum. Topics include: International Debt, Fair Trade, Human Rights, Deforestation, Tourism, and other reasons for global inequalities, as well as: Multicultural Arts, Distant Locality Studies, Global Citizenship, Images, Non-European History, Homes, Journeys, Indigenous Peoples, etc.

These can take the form of:

  • Single session activity-based workshops
  • A course of sessions, day-schools or conferences involving one or a number of schools
  • Children’s ‘Our World’ Festivals (multicultural), or other collaborative school events.

NEAD also arranges school visits by people from countries of the South or local ethnic minority groups to enrich classroom work and enable pupils to learn from first-hand experience.

For further details contact: Sandy Betlem.

NEAD’s Just Business project can arrange day-schools or conferences for students of Economics and Business Studies.

Contact: Steve Fairbrass.



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