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The UK NEQAS Parasitology Teaching Programme Web site.

This unique teaching programme is organised from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London, and is intended to complement the educational aspects of the UK NEQAS Microbiology Faecal and Blood Parasitology Schemes and also the UK NEQAS Haematology scheme.



Our Objective.

The main objective is to provide a schedule of practical and educational support for enrolled participants.

The programme offers participating laboratories attendance, once a year for two members of staff, on a one-day regional course in practical diagnostic parasitology. The regional courses are held at various locations throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland and include lectures, practicals, provision of materials, handouts and advice on laboratory procedures. 



Enrolment in the programme is by laboratory subscription only and is open to all UK NEQAS Parasitology & UK NEQAS Haematology participants. 

The cost for 2017/2018 has been set at 240.00

This fee is non-refundable and automatically covers two members of staff (buy one get one free) for a one day course  at a single venue 

In order to provide the high standard and frequency of our current educational service it has been necessary to raise the price to reflect the current rise in UK  inflation rates.

Participating laboratories will receive individual postal invitations specific to their geographically relevant regional course approximately one month before the event.

  Info & programme coordinator.

Contact   The Teaching Programme Manager Dr Sam Boadi by:

Telephone:      020-7383-0482

Email:                parasit.teach@ukneqas.org.uk 

Mail:                Clinical Parasitology Dept. (QA)

                        Hospital for Tropical Diseases

                        Mortimer Market

                        Capper Street


                        WC1E 6JB



Last updated: May 2017