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Welcome, and thanks for visiting.


"Not the Beatles" is a Beatles tribute band  based in West Cornwall. We formed in 1998 after "John" placed an advert in the local press, and - just like the originals -  first Paul joined, then George joined and then Ringo joined.

We play faithful reproductions of The Beatles' most famous songs, with the emphasis on the early hits and rock 'n' roll. (That doesn't mean we don't sometimes indulge ourselves and play I am the walrus though )

And we play everything live.

This site will tell you a little bit about us, where we are playing in the coming months, and give you an idea of what we look and sound like. There is also a list of the songs we play and some information on the equipment we use.

You can leave a message or make an enquiry about booking us.

There is also a mention of our 2007 appearances at International Beatle Week

Hope to see you at a gig soon.

Peace and Love.