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We don't get out of Cornwall much but over the August Bank Holiday weekend we travelled 'home' to Liverpool to entertain, and be entertained by, the good people who attended International Beatle week.

First up was  a "boots & suits" gig in the Cavern Pub on Saturday evening. We crammed as many hits as we could into the time allowed and the appreciative audience crammed as many of themselves as they could into the pub.

Later that night - much much much later - we played an "Abbey Road" set to an equally appreciative, but rather smaller (well it was three in the morning) audience at the Adelphi hotel. John Lennon's sister Julia was among the select few and she said that she enjoyed it, so that was good enough for us.

On Sunday evening we played a "Sgt Pepper" set to an impossibly crowded Lennon's Bar.  Most of the audience sang every word of every song, which was fair enough because quite a few of them were on the stage with us.

Later on we opened the "all nighter" at the Cavern Club, playing early hits and rock 'n' roll until they kicked us off the stage to let someone else have a go.

Between gigs we got mobbed walking around  the Cavern district in our stage clothes and stopped by dozens of people who wanted photographs of us, even though none of them had any idea who we were. 

Fame at last.

Here are some pictures.