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As Process Engineers, we specialise in the design and manufacture of automatic and manual chemical process plant, fume extraction systems, odour control systems and scrubbers to meet the latest clean air regulations, together with the handling and treatment of chemical effluent to meet customer's consent conditions.

We have extensive experience in removing and treating odours in the food processing industries and chemical fume in the aerospace and metal finishing industries.

We are able to offer a total service, including: environmental assessment of your present system, provision of a new turnkey system, operator training, and maintenance. We offer a 24 hour breakdown service to all our established clients.

We also manufacture one off fabrications in all thermoplastic materials, tanks etc. We undertake on-site maintenance and repair on all of the above.

Orchard Environmental Odour Control Systems
Orchard Environmental Odour Control Systems
Instead of merely masking an odour problem, an Orchard Environmental Odour Control System removes the contaminated air from the affected area and neutralises the odours using a wet scrubbing system. The multi-stage Odour Scrubber is designed to neutralise the odours and remove the vapour and any other remaining solids from the gas stream. A system would include automated reagent dosing and associated instrumentation. Read More

Orchard Environmental Fume Extraction Systems
Orchard Environmental Fume Extraction Systems
The design of an Orchard Environmental Fume Extraction System starts with the design of an extraction hood to give efficient fume removal whilst minimising the air volume. From here a ducting system is designed for system balance with minimum pressure drop and minimum condensate fall-out. Fume is removed from the air flow in a scrubber and an energy efficient extraction fan powers the system. Read More

Orchard Environmental Automated Process Plants
Orchard Environmental Automated Process Plants
Orchard Environmental design Automated Process Plants for chemical cleaning, surface preparation and plating systems. We can supply a complete process line including tanks, pipework, valves, instruments, heating systems, transport mechanisms, extraction ductwork, scrubber systems and a complete automated control system. Read More

Orchard News
Orchard Environmental News
Orchard Environmental have recently completed the installation of a chemical process line comprising chemical treatment and rinsing tanks with fume hoods for an avionics company in Hampshire. The automated system includes temperature and level control for the tank contents. Read More

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