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Orchard Environmental Fume Control Systems

Surface treatment, Degreasing, Stripping and Coating Plants release chemical fume into the working environment. Orchard Environmental Systems can design a complete system including treatment tanks, pipework and pumps, the transporter system and custom designed extraction hoods to remove the fume from the work area and neutralise them. A typical fume control system is shown in the schematic below.

Typical Fume Control System Schematic

The design of the fume control system starts with an analysis of the source of the fumes and the design of extraction ducts to give the most effective fume capture. This may be a simple extraction system or a 'push-pull' system with a separate fan giving a positive air displacement for tanks with a larger exposed surface area. The fume captured will be removed from the work area in a ducting system constructed from materials suitable for the fume being handled.

The air removed from the plant room is then ducted to the inlet of an Orchard Environmental Systems Fume Scrubber. The fume is removed by absorption into the liquid phase and then chemical neutralisation. The scrubbing liquor and dosing control methods will be selected according to the nature of the odour. In the Aerospace and Metal Finishing industries, the fume is typically acid fume from stripping baths.

An exhaust fan draws the clean treated air from the scrubber and discharges it to atmosphere.

Typical Fume Extraction System

Typical Orchard Environmental Fume Extraction System

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