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Orchard Environmental Gas Scrubbers

Orchard Environmental Systems design a range of different gas scrubbers to suit the particular application. The most common type in production is a vertical multi-stage scrubber, as shown in the schematic below.

Typical Gas Scrubber Schematic

The base of the vertical scrubbing tower forms an integral reservoir for the scrubbing reagent. The contaminated gas enters the scrubber at low level, above the reservoir and percolates vertically up through the tower. In the tower, it passes through a number of scrubbing stages (typically two). In each scrubbing stage, the vertically rising gas stream is met by an opposing stream of neutralising reagent distributed by a bank of spray nozzles. The section below the spray bars is packed with 'Pall Rings' which are designed to maximise the contact area between the neutralising reagent and the gas stream. The geometry of the 'Pall Rings' is selected for each scrubbing stage to maximise the scrubbing efficiency.

The neutralising reagent is collected in the reservoir at the base of the scrubber and recirculated for maximum efficiency. Instruments continuously monitor the quality of the reagent and water and reagent will be added as required to maintain the reservoir level and quality.

By varying the number and type of scrubbing stages and the scrubbing reagent, this type of scrubber can be tailored to odour control systems or to fume extraction systems.

The final stages are designed to remove from the gas stream the moisture droplets formed in the scrubbing process. They would typically comprise a woven mist eliminator pad located in the main scrubber body and a separate housing for banks of mist eliminator blades and a final woven pad. The moisture removed from the gas stream is returned to the scrubber reservoir.

Typical Gas Scrubber Installation

Typical Orchard Environmental Scrubber Installation

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