About Optimise Systems & Prodigy Software

Optimise Systems

In April 2005, Optimise Systems obtained exclusive ownership of Prodigy after some years of management buyouts and uncertainty. Their four directors and many of the present staff have been involved with Prodigy at varying stages of its development over the past 25 years and some since its inception. Equipped with a wealth of experience and understanding of existing customers' needs and a determination to build on its solid foundations, Optimise Systems Ltd have launched Prodigy into the 21st Century with a passionate commitment to its continued success.

A Complete Service

Optimise design, install and upgrade systems and provide hardware solutions. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive support service to customers and offer training sessions to enable the software to be utilised to its full potential. We will advise on all aspects of the installation including desktop applications, firewall and antivirus solutions and our first rate support team are on hand at all times to solve problems and answer queries.

About Prodigy

Originally developed as a bespoke software application for the Fresh Produce and Trading industries, Prodigy rapidly became recognised as a market leader. Over the past 25 years it has evolved into the robust, reliable and well developed product that now has applications in six main industry sectors and with the flexibility to be adapted to many more.

With continual product development and constant updating, Prodigy has evolved into a strong, stable, cost effective and easy to use, fully integrated software package favoured by many long standing customers for its wealth of benefits:

  • Prodigy software is very stable and reliable due to continual product development and constant updates.
  • Free updates are included in the Software Support Licence.
  • Linux platform is extremely stable and has excellent security.
  • Prodigy is very light on hardware and network resources - No need to throw masses of processing power at it.
  • Cost – not necessary to make large outlays for hardware to set it up.
  • Open database - customers can easily access and extract data (into spreadsheets, for example).
  • No mouse - very quick and easy to use.
  • Versatile - can be used by large scale operations and small businesses alike.
  • One-stop-shop - one point of contact for software, hardware and support. Although Optimise do not provide hardware maintenance contracts, we will advise and arrange this for our customers with one of our partners.
  • Excellent reporting facilities - provides timely production and financial data.
  • Prodigy software can be translated into foreign languages.
  • Training - Optimise offer training sessions at their offices. These courses will help employees to fully understand the software and get the most benefit out of the package.
  • Long standing and satisfied customers who stay loyal over the years. See testimonials and customer list.