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Welcome to Otter Rotters

Otter Rotters is an established not-for-profit community enterprise based in East Devon. Our primary aim is to find a sustainable way to tackle, at a local level, the growing problem of domestic waste disposal, in particular the organic fraction. We believe that waste is a resource which should be processed, re-used or recycled as near as possible to where it came from, not transported by road across the country for centralised treatment, unless there is no other alternative.

Throughout the many challenges it has overcome, Otter Rotters has striven to continue to provide local green waste composting and resource management. Otter Rotters also aims to contribute to the social capital of the community by providing opportunities to disadvantaged groups and individuals: "to encourage and value the participation and involvement of individuals marginalised by society, including those with learning and mental health problems." Solutions are brought about by a combined effort by those involved, and Otter Rotters is a great example of how each community can create its own solutions.

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Otter Rotters have been involved in three areas of recycling:





Tel: 07837 477050
Email: info@otterrotters.co.uk

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