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Key Cutting

Doormaster™ is a revolutionary new range of products that means if the multipoint lock in your PVCu, Composite or Timber door breaks, you can just replace the lock instead of having to replace the whole door.

What is a ‘multipoint lock’?

Multipoint locks are fitted to virtually all PVCu and composite doors, and in many timber doors. They are highly efficient and often lock in three places, as well as featuring rollers to ensure a tight, weatherproof seal. Because of this, the lock works much harder than a standard single-point lock, and therefore won’t last as long.

In the past, when these locks have broken it has been necessary to find exactly the same replacement lock to fit the door – and for many people this has meant the only real option was to replace the whole door.

Yale Doormaster™ is a revolutionary new range of locks that fit the vast majority of doors with just a few different products – making replacing just the lock quicker and easier.

Will Doormaster™ fit my door?

Doormaster™ locks are suitable for most PVCu, Composite or Timber doors. They are available for doors with a single hook or bolt in the centre of the door, and also for locks with additional hooks or bolts at the top and bottom of the door.