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Mga Kababayan,

In case of need, your EMBASSY is never too far from you!

There are Five Ways to instantly get in touch with your EMBASSY:

  1. Call us by telephone during office hours at (020) 7937 1600

  2. Fax us at (020) 7937 2925.

  3. Email us at: embassy@philemb.co.uk

  4. Write to us at: 9-a Palace Green, London W8 4QE - You can be assured of our reply within 5 days upon receipt of your message.

  5. In case of REAL EMERGENCY OUTSIDE OFFICE HOURS, call or text us at hotline: 07802 790695.

    Your new Embassy Website has a lot of information that you can download, read and print out. These include: consular services and assistance to Filipino nationals, telephone extension numbers, downloadable forms, e-mail addresses, consular announcements and bulletins, news updates, community events, links to other websites, etc.

    You are never too far from your Embassy, and we are glad to be of service to you.



                                                     Direct line: (020) 7361 4621/4622 

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