Phoenix was formed in 1988 with a view to providing a highly skilled and reliable service across a wide spectrum of specialist flooring and wall coatings to the Construction Industry and Manufacturing Sectors.

Over the ensuing years we have become a leading company in the specialist flooring industry and have successfully completed many large projects in some of the most prestigious buildings throughout the United Kingdom, including the London Millennium Dome, Conoco building at Warwick Technology Park, Selfridges Nationwide. In addition we have also carried out works in France, Holland, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, and Saudi Arabia.

Our range of expertise includes the following categories of work:

Industrial Epoxy, Methacrylate and Polyurethane Screeds and Coatings.
Anti-Static and Conductive Resin Screeds.
Decorative Resin Screeds and Toppings.
Resin Based Wall and Ceiling Coatings.
Chemical Resistant Bund Linings and Floor Screeds
Pumped Polymer Screeds.
Rapid Setting Cementitious Levelling Screeds.
Laminate Flooring
. Rustik Marble Carpet

Our comprehensive range and problem-solving attitude have maintained our proud reputation and aided us in our competitive contribution to Industrial Flooring in the 21st Century.