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RAFT Systems are leading the field when it comes to line of sight verification; gone are the days of using high intensity lamps and helium balloons. RAFT Systems offer a rapid path verification service using hand held microwave line of sight equipment. But we go that extra mile, when a path can not be verified we will try and locate sites around the area to give you more options for your network.

If you need help with microwave radio link design then RAFT Systems can help. We are based in the UK, but are able to operate worldwide. Established in 1987 we are specialists in our field with some of the best people in the industry working with us.

Microwave Radio Link Path Verification.

Since 1987 we have been designing and planning radio networks both for the PTO, private and public sector markets. We are able to offer a unique line of sight capability to fit your needs. The benefits being:

Microwave Radio Link Planning and Implementation.

RAFT have developed an impressive track record in over 27 countries ranging from network planning, through to full installation and commissioning services. We have consistently maintained our core area of expertise, which is the design and supply of microwave radio networks, enabling us to provide a wide range of network design services including a unique and extremely cost effective radio line of sight capability.

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