Microwave Networks

Whatever your requirements, whether it be transmitting Data, Video, VOIP, Broadband or connecting to Offshore platforms, Campuses or Regional offices, RAFT Systems has the leading edge in wireless solutions.

      The applications for wireless solutions are endless. Wireless networks can usually:

Our solutions use the latest in leading wireless technology and are designed to provide maximum availability. RAFT solutions have been deployed worldwide in the most demanding of environments and for mission critical networks, where reliability and quality of service is paramount.

We are one of the very few systems integrators in the U.K that has a true heritage and a long established track record in turnkey wireless communication networks, particularly in the area of Digital Microwave Radio. The skills required for digital microwave planning are specialised and require years of on site and theoretical training. It is this level of expertise that has positioned RAFT as the preferred choice for a wide range of wireless manufacturers. Whether it is Free Space Optics (laser), Licensed Radio or Un-licensed technology, there is a wireless solution for every application. Our proven background in wireless solutions means that we are ideally positioned to provide a professional and impartial service, using a wide range of wireless technologies.

The company ethos is built around one fundamental objective, to “Delight” and “Exceed” our customers expectations by offering a unique blend of innovative solutions, bespoke quality services and continued customer support.

“ A RAFT Solution is a total solution which will enhance your business”.

RAFT Systems are able to provide the following total turnkey wireless services:

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