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Raw State
Unit 4 Level 2
The Old Malthouse
Clarence Street
Bath BA1 5NS


  Neil Perry
Proprietor and Founder
Neil has been actively working in the audio environment since his late teens ( is that a long time ago? ). In 1990 he created Raw State as we know it today. Neil specialises in the refurbishment of desirable
classic, vintage and collectable equipment, re-engineering, and integrating with the modern world.
Neil also directs the design of Recording studios, room layouts, shape, ergonomics, acoustic isolation and room acoustics.
A passion for anything 'design' results in our own compressor, furniture, lighting, monitor stands and more.
  Dave Hiscock
Dave is at present with us for around two days per week. He is pursuing
studies in Music technology / engineering. Dave has a love of Middle
Eastern music, and is himself a fine percussion player. Dave works with Raw State mainly as 'Mr Wireman'.
  Matt Sampson
Matt works with Neil on electronic design. Their current project is the Raw State compressor. Matt also runs 'Bink Bonk' studio in Bristol - the home of some fine recording gear, and a guitar amp selection from heaven.  
  Chris Lawson
Chris is a man with a wealth of experience in the music world. He is well known as a recording engineer, and also turns out to be a funky guitar player. At present Chris is involved mainly in the build up of
custom equipment, including a 'Dual Mono' passive EQ based upon a ex Decca Eq board.
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