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  We at present have some tasty items for sale. Contact us for more details etc.  

  Neve 1272-8
8 channel mic amp rack. £4,250 ex vat.
Custom built 3U 19" rack. Perfect to front end your Pro Tools rig.
Refurbished 1272 gain cards.
Switched gain steps 30 - 65 dB, with fine gain trim +-5 dB.
30 dB Pad.
Individual Phantom switching. 3 position high-pass filters.
Hi - Lo impedance switching. Optimise for Condenser / Dynamic or Ribbon mics
Gold switches, edge cons and XLR's
240 / 110 volt.
Calrec PQ14 modules
2 modules in wood 'lunch box' £1,250 ex vat
Fully discrete, refurbished Calrec Mic / line / EQ modules
Top fixed shelf
Mid switched
Bass switched
High-pass filter
Phantom switching
  Calrec PQ1347 modules
4 modules in wood 'lunch box' £1,750 ex vat
Mic / line and EQ. These are very powerful EQ modules, with excellent transparent sounding mic amps.
Individual Phantom switching.
Switched High - Mid - Bass EQ
Top and Bot variable filters
240 / 110 volt
  Decca / Raw State stereo passive EQ
Twin channel unit for £3,500 ex
Two channels of very special and rare EQ, based upon late 1960's Decca 'Tone Control'. The custom designed Class 'A' discrete gain stage is used, along with carefully selected input and output transformers.
These units will reach deep into your music. We built a small run three years ago,
and in that time these EQ's have sweetened some serious mixes etc.

Shelving and Resonant (Bell) type EQ
Switched Low frequency range 12 Hz to 240 Hz.
Switched High frequency range 1 kHz to 32 kHz.
Max. boost / cut 8 dB. Switched in 2 dB steps. With additional very deep
notch position.
Max. level into 10K better than +26 dB @1 kHz
Noise ( EQ flat ) better than -88 dB wtd. IEC
- 3 dB points better than 10 Hz --- 40 kHz
240 / 110 volts

    API rack
19" rack with 2x Mic-pre 500 series modules. 4x 550 EQ modules.
These EQ's are the originals not reissue.
£3,000 ex for all units
£2,200 ex for 2x mic-pre and 2x EQ

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