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Yep, we are designing our own compressor. We went back to first basics, looked at ancient and modern compression techniques, and inputted our
own ideas. So the result is an amalgam of some existing ideas, with new design elements together cloning allowed. Its a fully discreet unit with ( at present ) three signal transformers and one side chain transformer per channel!. The design criteria's for this unit are simple -- sound and usability. Yes the noise floor is good at - 90 db, headroom at +26db into 600R etc. But you can do all that with a couple of IC's. This works but will not create that special audio signature that it seems only equipment
designed and built the hard way does. Which is why we have ignored the easy way, because those figures are static, not dynamic, not moving as music does.
So we measure of course, but we mostly listen and adjust, listen and modify, listen and start again.
Soon a couple of pre-production prototypes will be out on trial with engineers, producers and musicians.
We want their input and then its back to adjust, modify and ... start again? So we will keep you posted.

Mr Dave Way ex. Funky Junk and Boffin Island has now moved down to the Bath area. Dave and Neil worked together for several years before Dave
left for the attractions on London, and Helen Rider, now Mrs Helen Way. But now with a little addition to the 'family Way' they have escaped to
enjoy the fair city of Bath and its surroundings. Dave is specialised in microphone repair and service. He's seen them and done them all. He also
knows old Neve, Urei, Pultec etc. like few people do. Dave and Neil are already planning the design and build of a discreet Class A mic. preamp
together. Contact Dave on 01225 760564

Mr Andy Manners next door at unit 3B. Andy is a fine craftsman in all things wood, including the wood of guitars! In fact being a fine guitar player himself he knows about setting up an instrument to play well. So he can repair and refurbish both acoustic and electric instruments, or he will take on commissions for custom guitar building. Andy also specialises in the restoration of antique furniture, including refinishing in the 'old way' with French polish and hard work. Contact Andy on 07941 088671
Neil Perry

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