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Raw State creates custom built 'high end' audio equipment based on components and circuitry from classic and vintage analogue equipment. We call this 're-engineering audio'. Popular products to date include the Neve ( trade mark ) 1272 based mic. preamps, both twin channel and the new 8 way 1272-8; and the Decca ( trade mark ) Passive Precision Equaliser.
We can also repair and refurbish your treasured items, specialising in analogue including valve, discreet, IC and funky electromechanical gizmo's.
We can also build your favourite modules into custom built enclosures ( Smart Encasement - says our colleague Andy ) Be it rack mount or lunch box. We specialise in hand building, hand formed looms, analogue power supply's, and unique finishes.



Neve 1272 Mic Amps

Neve 2081 Filters and Neve 2264a Compressors



Neve 3135 Eq / 3314a Compressor Rack

Neve 1064 Eq Rack


Neve 2262 Compressors

Neve 3122 Eq Rack


Quad 8 MM-312-5 Eq Rack

Calrec PQ 1347-2 Eq Rack (for sale)


Neve 1073 Eq Rack


Neve 1272-8 with internal detail (for sale)


Decca Custom Twin Channel 'Silicon' Compressor


Decca Germanium Compressor

Decca Single Channel 'Silicon' Compressor

Belcaman C0192 Limiter Compressor

Custom built monitor stands, furniture and lighting systems

"Metal and Wood"


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