"A lot of people don't belive me when I tell them that a 40 year old analog Decca compressor is the essential ingredient in mastering their mix, so I let them hear one - and if they're really lucky, borrow one! This guy came back last week and bought two."
Neil Perry, Proprietor

Welcome to the high-end audio world
of Raw State.

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Raw State create bespoke high spec recording equipment based on components from vintage, analog equipment.  We call this re-engineering audio - some of the greatest and most exotic equipment ever constructed is being used in some of the most sophisticated recording studios in the UK and around the world. Popular products to date include the the Neve 1272 twin channel mic. preamp and the Decca Passive Precision Equaliser.

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We undertake projects small and large; we design multi-million 'Audio Dream Palaces', we can renovate your Fender twin, we can design your control room acoustics and we can cure that annoying earth-hum.  Collectively we have experience as the artist, the engineer and the ubiquitous 'techno-head' helping us design musical environments and equipment to your budget.

the raw state team, history and how to find us
Established in 1980 and servicing clients near and far, we are based in a renovated Malthouse in the beautiful city of Bath in England.  Meet the team, or if you can't wait:
+44 (0) 1225 466 464

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