Translation Services for small and medium businesses at low cost

Real Translation offers translation services from English to French, French to English, Italian to English and English to Italian. Our aim is to provide high-quality translations at an affordable cost.

Technical Translation

Real Translation's expertise is established by a team of native speakers with experience working in different industries, who specialises in translating technical documents.

Translating manuals, drawings or technical reports has to be achieved by a translator who does not only know the definition of a technical word, but also the exact signification when that particular word is used in a specialised context. Translators often assume that they know a subject area because they can look into a technical dictionary and translate a word, but that does not mean that they can decipher the real meaning of a document. This is why people working in the industry can deliver more accurate translations than conventional translator. A Translation - and especially that of a technical document- is not the automatic definition of a word that could be provided by a free translation software, but more a translation of a meaning from one language to another.

On top of general translations, we can offer translation services for the following:

  • Translation of user guides, instruction manuals, presentations, reports, specification sheets and proposals, websites...
  • Translation of mechanical drawings
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of IT documents relevant to the Telecom industry

Translation for Estate agencies and B&B

We can also translate advertisements for Estate agents and B&B for a very low price, no job too small!.