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Car Care Tutorials

MOT test

legal requirement for cars aged 3 years and older

This is a yearly visual inspection (NO dismantling or removal of covers) to see if your vehicle meets the minimum requirements to drive your vehicle on a public road.



maintaince to help keep your vehicle in good order

most manufacturers recommend an annual service. this is a more in-depth inspection than the mot. it involves dismantling and inspecting, adjusting and lubricating moving parts along with the changing of some crucial parts, which if left undone would cause the vehicle to quickly deteriorate, fail and, breakdown, possibly to the point of no repair.

a service helps keep your car economical, safe and reliable. it also helps with it resell value.


from time to time your vehicle may need additional work

there will be times when a problem appears,

a knock or banging noise, a puncture or water leak, a light out or a warning light on. it’s important to rectify as quickly as possible, before it becomes unsafe or causes more damage.

owner/drivers responsibility

daily/weekly checks

it's the responsibly of the owner and driver to keep to vehicle in a safe and legal condition. there is also some simple checks to keep your vehicle safe, trouble free, and eco friendly.

e.g. keeping your tyre pressures correct improves road handling, braking, longer tyre life with less chance of having to replace one on the road side and greatly improves fuel economy.



to keep your vehicle in a good condition so it’s safe, legal , economical and trouble free.

simple checks to keep you safe, legal and trouble free


all work and parts guaranteed for

12 months.

longer warranties on




please ask for details