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Get a Bespoke Remap and feel the difference!

Please note This is only an example and you may not get any improvement in MPG on your vehicle. Our Bespoke Remaps are mainly to give your car improvement in BHP and Torque.

On this example, shown above, it is based on a vehicle that has not been Remapped that does 30.7mpg and therefore can do 300 miles using 10 gallon of fuel.

The cost of driving per mile is 20.46p. So you can see in the example that after covering 10,000 miles the cost is £2046, 15,000 miles, £3069 and so on...

So now, after a Remap, the vehicle returns 33.07mpg it will be able to gain 330 miles for the same amount of fuel (10 gallon) so now we can see that for driving 10,000 miles it only costs us £1860 which is a saving of £186. After 15,000 miles you get a saving of £279 and a saving of £372 after 20,000 miles.

Also after the Remap you gain much better low down torque and BHP enabling for safer overtaking. Towing a trailer, or caravan, is easier because of the extra torque, many customers have Remaps carried out because of this.

Call Gary on 01429 244606 for further details if your vehicle is worth doing for the improvements, I'll give you a honest opinion and then you decide.

Don't forget we take most major Credit cards if you want to spread the cost.