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A selection of photographs giving you an idea of the technical work we undertake:


Ktag programmer

Some of the equipment we use to tune the later model cars with anti-tuning software.

Ecu Remap on bench

ECU Backup

This is an ECU being tuned that has anti-tuning software installed - not a problem for us at all!

A4 Timing belt renew

This is just one of the more complex service procedures we do while working on Audi vehicles. This is an Audi A4 2.0 common rail diesel engine having a timing belt and water pump replaced. It's a very important procedure to have this work done when it's needed and can cause catastrophic engine damage if not done properly. For this reason we ONLY use genuine parts from Audi.

A6 Timing belt & service

An Audi A6 having a timing belt and major service carried out.

Phaeton diagnostics

The VW Phaeton engine having some work carried out to fix misfiring and air leak issues.

Fabia Remap

Remapped - a Skoda Fabia VRS.......

Audi R8

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