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Remaps - an alternative to superchips

Welcome to the Gary Smurthwaite Remaps page

You have come to the right place if it's extra Power & Torque you are after, and want to make your driving experience that much more exciting. If you have been thinking of changing your car, why not change your car without changing your car?

We can now tune most late model cars with anti-tuning software installed, this is possible because of the recent investment in newer hardware and software. Most late Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat vehicles have anti-tuning software installed on the engine ECU to prevent tuning. If a customer wants their car tuning, then we can help.

What is a Bespoke Remap?

Our Bespoke Remaps are tailored to you and your vehicle. We read the original calibration files or Maps as they are called, and we then modify and improve certain Maps to make the changes which in turn gives the improved Power and Torque..

Many customers report an improvement in fuel economy, but we cannot guarantee this. Our Remaps are purely for Performance tuning giving extra Torque. A lot of the time, getting an improvement (if any) is down to the individuals driving style.

To get extra Power = Inject more fuel and air, simple!

Because our Remaps are Bespoke to your vehicle, we cannot no longer give money back if not entirely satisfied with MPG. So if in the event your not satisfied with the performace gain we give you. I can only first of all ask you to return the vehicle for us to make any required changes to fix any concerns you may have. You need to inform us within 48hrs of the Remap giving you plenty driving experience of using the Remap.

In the unlikely event your still not happy with the Remap, then I can only give a 50% refund after turning the vehicle back to standard. This covers all our diagnostic work and Remapping services.

You will receive a copy of the Bespoke Remap on DVD (which was tailored to your vehicle only) that you requested to start with, this way anytime in the future you can use it again on your car. A charge will be applied for programming the Remap again.

If there is anything your not sure about, please call me and I will clarify..

Once you have experienced one of our Remaps you will be wishing you did it long ago!


This is an ECU being tuned that has anti-tuning software installed - not a problem for us at all!

I would like to make any potential customers aware that when carrying out Remap work on your cars ECU (electronic control unit) I only use quality flashing tools, with second to non technical back up from the company who has been supplying me with Top quality Bespoke Tuning files for many years.

How does it work?

We remap vehicles using the car's diagnostic socket. This process is also known as chip tuning. We start by carrying out a diagnostic check to make sure the car's running as it should be and is free from faults. There is no point in tuning a car with faults. I then read the information from your cars ECU (electronic control unit) the calibration files are what we make changes to and improve what the manufacturer has programmed originally. I make sure I save a copy of this information just in case, at a later time, you require the car to be put back standard. The benefits of having your car chip tuned, apart from transforming the cars performance and drivability, is the fact that, in many cases, fuel economy can be improved.

For example a VW Transporter 2.5 TDi improved fuel economy by 20% after the chip tune/remap.

A Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi, recently Remapped, gained an extra 5 mpg - a saving that will eventually pay for the Remap and start putting cash back in your pocket.

A Citroen C4 1.6 HDi - the customer reported an improvement, again of 5 mpg, another satisfied client who's saving money. 

What vehicle do you have?

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What's the cost?

See our Prices and Services page for full details.

How do I find the make and model of my car?

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I am pleased to announce I have recently acquired dealer level diagnostic tools for Mercedes Benz and many more. See the list on my home page.

New additions to my diagnostic capabilities for the following models of Bentley, Bentley GT/Spur.

We can also carry out service and maintenance of the MCC Smart cars.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any servicing needs on this type of vehicle.

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