Contact Details for Bakelite GPO Telephones

I am always interested in gaining further information about old British GPO Telephones (pre 1970's).

I have been collecting vintage GPO Bakelite telephones (from the 1940's and 1950's) since the 1960's, however I have now started collecting the later plastic British vintage telephones such as the 1960's 706 range and the 1970's and 80's 746 range of telephones. Supprisingly even the vintage 1970's 746 telephones made in the UK for BT are amazingly built. They used top quality materials and clever robust design in their production. Many people believe the reto 746 telephones designed in the 1960's and produced until the late 1980's were the last of the really great British telephones.

If you have any information, or tips, ideas about any of these retro/vintage/antique telephones please send me an e-mail with the details. Please note that I am only interested in information about British telephones.

Please note that I do not provide valuations for vintage or antique telephones. I leave that task to the various vintage telephone restorers /dealers in the UK.

My e-mail address is