Jangada Racing


In 2016 we replaced the J109 with a JPK1010.  It is a class that has enjoyed great results in IRC in recent years and lived up to expectation winning us the 2016 JOG Offshore Double Handed Series and 2017 Solo Round Isle of Wight race.  We will be doing the full RORC 2018 series, starting with the Transatlantic race from Lanzarote to Grenada in November.

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2017 Jeremy Waitt wins the SORC Solo Round Isle of Wight race

2016 JOG Offshore Double Handed Series

2014 Winner RB&I

2013 results:

        JOG BNY Mellon Challenge,

            Winner of the 1,000nm race to

            Cascais via La Trinite

        RORC Fastnet Race,

            4th Double Handed Division

        RORC Myth of Malham,

            Winner, Double Handed Division

TWOSTAR 2012, the Two Handed Transatlantic yacht race - 2nd in IRC

2010 Round Britain & Ireland double handed race - 4th in Class 3 and 5th in IRC overall.