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The RoaR Archive provides an educational resource for artists and visitors to view original artworks in a friendly and interesting environment as well as providing an information area containing books, magazines and literature on ‘Outsider Art’ and related subjects. This archive facility aims to challenge attitudes towards outsider artists and encourage learning about the important role of outsider art in contemporary art and social history.

RoaR aims to preserve and display outstanding artworks which could otherwise become lost or destroyed. This is achieved by borrowing artworks or by receiving funding to purchase art.
The archive currently houses over 2000 original artworks on loan from known outsider artists in the region.

To make an appointment to view the archive please contact us by phone on 0044 (0)1692 650633 or by email at roar_art@hotmail.com.


The RoaR Archive is situated on the first floor at Strawberry Field, Walcott Norfolk. There is one step up to the main entrance and then one flight of stairs. If you are unable to visit the archive but would like to see the artwork please contact us and we may be able to arrange to show you a selection of original artworks or digital projections at an alternative venue.


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