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RoaR Art Gallery and Archive,
Norwich, UK, 2004–2008










Screen printing in the Art Barn

RoaR was established in 2004 with the aim of furthering awareness and appreciation of Outsider Art in the East of England. We do this by promoting the work of extraordinary artists from the Barrington Farm Day Services Centre for adults with learning difficulties, based in Walcott, Norfolk. We organise local and international exhibitions, residencies, deliver workshops and participate in other arts based projects in East Anglia. Our website includes exhibition listings, educational resources for Outsider Art and showcases some of the best and most original outsider artists in the region. The RoaR Archive serves to protect and preserve works and houses over 1000 original pieces of art. It also includes a resource library and is open by appointment. RoaR is one of the few organisations specialising in outsider art in England.

RoaR is supported by Incatern Ltd who manage the Barrington Farm Day Services Centre. At the heart of Barrington Farm is the exemplary Art Barn studio where artists of all abilities are enabled to express themselves and find a voice through their creativity.

Please check this website and sign up to our mailing list on the home page, for details of forthcoming exhibitions and events.

The excellent art studio at the heart of the day centre offers facilities for a range of media associated with the visual arts such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, woodwork, sculpture and textiles. The studio is staffed by practising artists whose role is to facilitate and assist rather than to teach or instruct. Through this philosophy of non-intervention and by encouraging and nurturing individual talents the centre enables each artist to make their own creative decisions and explore their emotive responses to their chosen materials.

Barrington Farm was founded in 1988 by the present owner whose vision to provide a stimulating environment for adults with learning difficulties and has been successfully developed over the years. The centre is open weekdays from 10am until 5pm throughout the year and caters for a wide range of activities and interests.

For more information please visit www.barringtonfarm.com. Also, here is a short film (the first 3 minutes) about Barrington Farm made by Tracy TV for the Norfolk Care Conference 2014.





Photo of St. Brannocks Gallery

Barrington Farm Arts Centre

Barrington Farm Arts Centre

St. Brannocks Gallery





Renovations at RoaR (Mick)

Renovations at Redwell St, Norwich (Mick)




Open Studios 'Here Comes Summer'
workshop 2009





Artists and volunteers participating
in one of our workshops


RoaR started life as the St. Brannocks Gallery in the garage of a small care home for adults with learning difficulties in the coastal village of Mundesley, Norfolk. It was established in 1996 as a non-profit making venue for the promotion, sale and wider recognition of the diverse and ambitious contemporary artwork made at Barrington Farm.

St. Brannocks Gallery served as a platform for the resulting artwork to be shown in the traditional context of a gallery environment and offered the artists the opportunity to gain experience with the organisation of their exhibitions. It also gave purpose and meaning to the artists, liberating them in one sense from the restrictions of disability by providing a voice in conventional society, a voice which has been valued for its freshness and lack of inhibition.

Through the St. Brannocks Gallery many artists were exhibited locally, nationally and in Europe and the USA. Others achieved successes in selling artwork, winning regional art prizes for excellence and some are included in private collections such as the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Archive now housed at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin.

St Brannocks Gallery closed in November 2002 and in February 2004 the organisation was renamed RoaR and became a registered charity.

The name ‘RoaR’ was chosen to express the loud and proud nature of the artwork, and playfully references the title ‘Raw Art’ (Art Brut) given to this type of work by the artist and collector Jean Dubuffet in the 1940s.

From 2004 to 2008 the RoaR Art Gallery and Archive was based at Redwell Street in the centre of Norwich, where RoaR delivered a changing programme of contemporary visual arts exhibitions focusing on outsider art. Our aim was also to provide an introduction to outsider art and an educational resource for a wider audience especially local art students.

In May 2008 RoaR moved premises from Norwich to Walcott situated on the rural North Norfolk coast. Our close proximity to the Barrington Farm Day Services Centre helps develop our understanding of adults with learning difficulties and enables us to build relationships with new and upcoming artists using the Art Centre and respond more quickly to artists’ ideas and needs. In February 2009 we dissolved the charity and RoaR became part of Barrington Farm.

We have received funding from the Arts Council England East, The Big Lottery Fund, Norfolk County Council, The Fitzmaurice Trust, The John Jarrold Trust, Adlards, Smith and Pinching, BT Community Connections, University of East Anglia, Black History Month, Norwich City Council, City College Norwich, NUCA and North Norfolk District Council. Our heartfelt thanks go to the funders listed above as what was achieved with the grants has left lasting outcomes.
RoaR is continuing to make developments, improve the archive, organise exhibitions and other projects to benefit artists and the general public.


RoaR is managed by one part time staff (Sarah Ballard) in collaboration with Barrington Farm. The Art Barn art studio is facilitated by senior staff member Lorna Reevell and eight part time staff, all of whom are practising artists. RoaR is also supported by a small team of regular volunteers who offer time and skills ranging from invigilating to graphic design.

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