Barbara Symmons
Born 1936, South West Wales


artwork “Sand Dunes”, Acrylic on cardboard, 44cm x 44cm

Bringing together images from memories of a childhood growing up in Wales, from books and from her imagination, Barbara employs a number of techniques to form highly decorated and brightly coloured landscapes of reminiscence in both 2D and 3D artwork.

Over the years Barbara has produced an amazing collection of artworks ranging from prize-winning monoprints (three of which have been exhibited alongside works by Henry Moore and David Hockney), ceramic tiles and decorated ready-made objects such as chairs and tables which are entirely covered with painted pattern, often in her favourite fluorescent colours. Most of these 3D works are then customised and adorned with found or bought trinkets, beads and sequins to create a vibrant decorative surface which conveys the luminosity and abundance of the natural world.

Barbara’s last 3D project “BED” was exhibited at the Norwich Forum Library in October 2003 as part of the Norwich Fringe Festival. “BED” is a full scale single four poster bed which was brought to life by Barbara’s animated drawings of creatures, people and places.

artwork “Happisburgh Life Boat”, Mixed media on paper, 60cm x 84cm

artwork Untitled (Countryside), Colour monoprint, 60cm x 84cm

Untitled (Boat), Colour monoprint, 60cm x 84cm
Untitled (Pattern1) Acrylic on plaster on hardboard, 22cm x 16cm

Untitled (Pattern2) Acrylic on plaster on hardboard with mirrors, 34cm x 14cm

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