Michael Smith
Born 1960, London
List of exhibitions


Untitled (Howler), Acrylic on canvas, 1202cm x 60cm x 3.5cm

Michael’s vibrant and dynamic paintings are characterised by intense, energetic brushstrokes and bold use of colour. Salvaging large pieces of found board Michael combines acrylics and oil paint with pen, pastel and charcoal to define his subject matter which often illustrate his experiences and surroundings of living on a farm in the north Norfolk countryside.

Tractors and houses for example are reduced to simple components forming almost abstract compositions whilst retaining clues to their identity. Michael’s work goes through many transformations and repainting before finally leaving the work and instantly beginning another of equally adventurous scale. The heavily worked surfaces add to the energy and stature of these man made forms or strong working farm animals. In his working practice he layers paint again and again without preciousness.

Michael’s drawing talent is not only confined to painting as he shows enthusiasm and creative ability in most disciplines including drawing, printmaking and textiles.

Michael has work in various public and private collections including The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Archive, currently housed at The Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

Untitled (Man), Felt pen on paper, 42cm x 31cm

artwork Untitled (Mammoth), Felt pen on paper, 31cm x 42cm

Untitled (Castle), Acrylic and chalk on board, approx. 1100cm x 1800cm
Untitled (Green Train), Acrylic and pastels on board, 1202cm x 60cm x 1cm

Untitled (Patchwork), Fabric and acrylic on board, 62cm x 100cm x 1cm

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