Roy Collinson
Born 1946, London
Died 1999, Norfolk


Untitled (Masks), Coloured pencil & ink on board, 26cm x 29cm

Roy’s richly coloured, intense, uninhibited and illuminating drawings are quite unmistakable. His images incorporate visions of imaginary places, monuments, aliens, silly doctors, trains, animals or warriors and are as once pointed out, entirely from his own unadulterated imagination, made from his own “hints”. Roy’s work does not fall outside the cultural mainstream as he utilised a diverse repertoire of popular media icons from present day to those of ancient and classical antiquity in entertaining and intriguing amalgamations.

Roy always maintained a healthy disregard for the art of others, not in any disrespectful way but in the sense that it wasn’t relevant to his own vision. Ultimately he drew for himself, either in the company of friends in his studio or in the privacy of his own accommodation. He never spoke of his art as being good or bad or of favourite pieces, only of his need to continue making.

Roy has exhibited at various venues including the Henry Boxer Gallery, London and the Garde Rail Gallery, Seattle, USA.

artwork Untitled (Cars and Houses), Coloured pencil & pen on paper, 29.5cm x 42cm

Untitled (Houses), Coloured pencil & pen on paper, 26cm x 42cm

Untitled (Yellow Helicopter), Coloured pencil & pen on paper, 35cm x 26cm, 1997
“Cyclops Allsorts Sculpture”, Coloured pencil & pen on paper, 23cm x 29cm, 1996

Untitled (Totem), Coloured pencil, pen and biro on paper, 24cm x 37cm

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