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Commercial Maintenance    


Rockingham engineers currently maintain commercial swimming pools and perform regular services to ensure that all equipment and water analysis is kept in excellent condition. Our priority is to make sure that your swimmers get the most enjoyment out of your wet leisure facilities whilst ensuring that your pool maintenance budgets are kept to a minimum.

As the swimming pool industry is a specialised trade, we understand that the cost of employing an engineer to maintain your pool facilities can be a great expense. We have found that the best solution for keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is to work with some of your leisure employees to train them in the basic maintenance tasks, i.e. water testing, dosing and visual checks on equipment, which need to be completed on a regular basis. If your employees find any irregularities in their results, they can easily contact our engineers who will talk them through the solution or visit to investigate the issue further. With 24-hour callout facilities, Rockingham engineers are able to respond quickly to any problems that may occur.

In addition we can complete thorough swimming pool, spa, sauna and steam room maintenance checks for our commercial clients if required.  Rockingham will inspect all facilities and operating equipment extensively to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If any problems are found, we aim to fix them on site, otherwise we will notify you of the issue and quote accordingly.

Our extensive service can include the following. Please note that this list is non-specific and will alter based on site plant equipment and facilities:

Inspect & clean chemical injectors, foot and control valves on dosing pumps

Inspect & calibrate chemical controllers for Chlorine/CO2/Acid dosing units

Inspect & clean chemical sensors when required

Inspect & clean sample line Y-filter

Thoroughly test water quality including TDS, Calcium, Alkalinity and Langelier Calculation

Compare recent water tests carried out by maintenance staff

Inspect filtration/booster pumps including cleaning impellers/baskets

Inspect & clean non-return valves on circulating pumps

Inspect all non return and isolating valves

Check filter pressures and ensure filtration valves are not passing

Clean out pool balance tanks including non-return valves

Inspect & adjust auto top-up if necessary

Inspect UV/Ozone system(s)

Inspect water therapy system(s)

Inspect & advise on day/bund tanks and clean out tanks when required

Inspect heat exchanger and pipes

Inspect plant electrics

Inspect ventilation unit(s)

Superchlorinate Spa

Inspect overflow channels and grating

Inspect underwater lights and transformers

Inspect air buttons and switches

Inspect all handrails, steps and pool/spa fittings

Inspect & calibrate chemical controllers for Chlorine/CO2/Acid dosing units

Inspect Sauna Heater, fragrance dispensers and internal fixtures, check lights & transformers

Carry out Electrical Tests on Sauna Heaters for safety

Inspect Steam Room steam generator bottle and descale if required

Inspect Steam Room seating and internal fixtures, lights and transformers