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Swimming Pool & Spa Covers

Did you know that an uncovered pool or spa will lose an incredible 90% of its heat through evaporation from the water surface. Most swimming pools are heated using conventional heating methods such as gas, electricity or oil, and without insulation a pool or spa is vulnerable to a great amount of heat loss. Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5ºc of heat loss in 5 hours, but by installing a pool or spa cover, the heat loss in the same period can be reduced to as little as 0.65ºc, giving an 87% reduction in heat loss and in turn dramatic savings on water heating.

Rockingham Swimming Pools can install various automatic swimming pool covers; either retro-fitted to an existing pool or incorporated in the pool shell at build stage. Automatic venetian slatted covers are popular as well safety covers which are designed to safely hold the weight of several persons if they accidentally fall onto the cover. All automatic covers are operated by keyswitch, which allows owners to lock the pool when it is not in use.

Standard bubble cover, heat retention blankets and roller systems are also available.