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Dosing Systems for Swimming Pools & Spas

Commercial Swimming Pools & Spas Dosing Systems

It is advised that all commercial swimming pools and spas are chemically dosed using an automatic dosing system. pH and Chlorine levels continuously fluctuate based on usage and bacteria/dirt within the waters, and therefore it is vital that these levels are continuously monitored and adjusted to ensure that the residual chemical levels are kept constant to guarantee that the waters remain clear, safe and bacteria free. For this reason, it is now a strong recommendation from PWTAG, SPATA, Sport England and HSE that pools and spas that are used by the public (inc. schools, holiday parks, rented holiday cottages) are stringently monitored and dosed by automatic dosing systems.

Rockingham Engineers have experience in installing, repairing and general maintenance on automatic dosing systems, including web enabled access controllers and email alerting systems. Our Dosing System experience includes systems from Siemens Water Technologies (Stranco/Evoqua), Process Instruments, Prominent Fluid Controls, Certikin, AstralPool UK, Topline, Etatron, Bayrol, CPC, and many others.

Dosing Systems can also be complemented with the installation of Flocculant and UV/Ozone control to aid the water chemistry and clarity of the waters.

Domestic Swimming Pools & Spas Dosing Systems

Automatic dosing systems are also available for private pools and spas to continuously monitor and dose chemicals to ensure that the pool remains clear, safe and bacteria free. Systems are available that will dose chlorine (liquids/tablets), bromine, and active oxygen with algaecides.

Semi automatic dosing is also available by way of chlorinators or brominators. Alternatively there are various multi-purpose chemicals that can be supplied which will help reduce dosing requirements. Please contact the office for further details.

Domestic UV/Ozone systems can also be installed to reduce chemical usage and allow chemical levels to be dosed to a minimum.

Ozone & UV Systems

Ozone and UV Systems can help reduce chemical use by 60-90% and remove those unpleasant by-product chlorine smells.  Ozone and UV sanitation provides the cleanest, clearest water available for swimming pools and spas, and will allow you to operate chemical levels at a bare minimum. The reduction in chemicals translates into less money on chemicals, less time balancing water chemistry, fresher water and reduced environmental impact.

The Ozone and UV systems produce and release extremely powerful antimicrobial oxidizing agents that are much more powerful than chlorine and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds; yet they are 100% environmentally friendly.  UV systems even kill Cryptosporidium - which chlorine alone fails to destroy.

UV & Ozone systems also kill the byproducts of chlorine (i.e. chloramines) which are responsible for the strong unpleasant chlorine smells and skin/eye irritations, which reduces the combined chlorine levels in the water.  As recommended by HSE, it is important for commercial centres to keep their combined chlorine levels as low as possible, and this can be achieved by water replenishment (which will increase water and water heating bills) or by using a UV or Ozone system.