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Energy Efficiency Solutions

With the rising costs of fuel, we are all trying to save money on energy costs. Swimming Pool and Spa running costs do not have to be expensive as there are a wide range of green pool products available which can be installed to dramatically reduce water and heating bills.

A swimming pool can be sustainable by implementing key products that will ensure lower environmental impact and significantly reduce the consumption of natural resources (water and energy). These are viable in terms of maintenance costs and returns on initial investment. It is not a myth, there are no tricks, and a sustainable swimming pool is a real possibility.

Swimming Pool and Spa Covers

Did you know that an uncovered pool or spa will lose an incredible 90% of its heat through evaporation from the water surface. Most swimming pools are heated using conventional heating methods such as gas, electricity or oil, and without insulation a pool or spa is vulnerable to a great amount of heat loss. Research has shown that an uncovered pool can lose as much as 5ºc of heat loss in 5 hours, but by installing a pool or spa cover, the heat loss in the same period can be reduced to as little as 0.65ºc, giving an 87% reduction in heat loss and in turn dramatic savings on water heating. Automatic Covers, Bubble or Heat Retention Covers are available.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pumps are widely accepted as the most economic method of reliably heating your swimming pool to a constant temperature. Unlike old fossil fuel boilers that consume more energy than they produce, a heat pump will produce up to five times the energy it uses.

The heat pump principle is based upon refrigeration technology with the unique ability to absorb energy from atmospheric air and convert into useful heat which is added to the pool water.

Fresh air is drawn through the heat pump unit by an electric fan and is chilled by the refrigeration system. The heat chilled from the fresh air together with all the electrical energy consumed in operating the refrigeration circuit is transferred via a heat exchanger to the swimming pool water.

As you would only pay for the cost of running the electric motor and compressor, all the heat absorbed from the fresh air is totally free. So for every kW of electrical heat used, the heat pump can absorb a further 4kW of free heat from the air.

Air Source Heat Pumps are widely used in Europe, USA and Australia as the sole system to heat their pools, and due to advances in technology there are now many heat pump solutions available to operate successfully in our UK climate.

Rockingham Pools have found that customers notice a big reduction in energy costs after having a heat pump installed on their pool. This is especially the case when replacing older less efficient boiler systems or electric heaters. Heat Pumps are available for both Domestic and Commercial pools, and Rockingham Pools can assist in selecting the best model to suit your needs.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are an extremely popular and cost-effective way to heat your pool water. There are various solar energy solutions that are specifically for commercial or domestic swimming pool and spa applications, and Rockingham Pools can advise on the best solar solution to suit your requirements.

There is a lot more solar energy available for reuse than people realise and solar technology makes it possible to harness free energy from the sun, not only in the summer but on cloudy overcast days, even during the winter. Solar technology uses the radiation from the sun to heat water in a series of twin walled Pyrex Borosilicate glass vacuum tubes, within which copper heating pipes are housed.

The system is so efficient that temperatures of up to 250ºc can be reached inside the pipe, far in excess of traditional pool solar panels (which circulate water through the panels).

A system of panels can be installed on the ground and on roofs or outbuildings and plumbed into the swimming pool pipework.

They can maintain outdoor pool water temperatures of 29ºc from June to September, whilst extending the swimming season with with acceptable bathing temperatures without any additional source of heating as early as April. Even greater savings can be achieved with an indoor pool, whereby the system will contribute to savings all year round.

Energy Efficient Genie Condensing Swimming Pool Water Heating for Domestic Pools

Dedicated to pool water heating, the Certikin Genie range of condensing gas pool heaters is one of the worlds only condensing pool heaters. The Genie pool heaters use the latest technology to provide efficient and rapid pool heating. Delivering up to a staggering 94% efficiency (compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate between 60% and 80%), the environmentally friendly Genie can save up to 30% on running costs.

New Dual Genie heaters are also available to link up to additional radiators (or other heating system). Rockingham Pools is GAS SAFE registered and are HWB1 certified to install these unique boilers.

Always use a GAS SAFE engineer for any gas works!