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Pool Hall Environmental Control Systems for Swimming Pool Halls

A considerable amount of water evaporates from the surface of a heated swimming pool or spa. If the pool is indoors, all this evaporated water is effectively trapped within the pool room in the form of airborne humidity. As the evaporation from the pool continues, the amount of water within the pool room air quickly increases until the point when the air can hold no more water. Surface condensation will then occur on the windows, walls and ceiling etc and condensation can pass to within the structure of the pool building. This can soon lead to extensive mould growth, rapid deterioration of the decor and possible eventual structural problems. Therefore it is strongly advised that a substance dehumidifier (and ducting system if possible) is installed to avoid such problems.

Rockingham Swimming Pools can design and install Heatstar control systems with built-in air and pool water heating to suit the pool and pool hall requirements. These packaged systems automatically control optimum pool room temperature, water heating and water evaporation levels from one standalone unit.  Larger units will supply fresh, extract and exhaust air through routed underground or overhead ducting runs (available in galvanised, rigid CFC free polystyrene or textile).

The units can also be linked to automatic pool covers to allow for ‘set back’ operation when the pool is covered and not in use, giving savings on running costs.  ‘Greener’ energy efficient models are also available that incorporate an air source heat pump to help lower energy bills or systems can be manufactured with the capability of linking to an external ground source heating network.  

Our team can also assist in the design of the pool hall, offering advice on pool hall construction, in regards to insulation and air gaps, vapour barriers, cold bridging, air migration, drainage and glazing to ensure that the building will withstand the levels of moisture within the internal environment.

Heatstar Environmental Control Systems

Heatstar were the first manufacturer to become involved in the pool industry, and have been producing high quality modern format packaged environmental control units throughout the years.  There units range in size, scope and facilities and are calculated based on the pool hall design, U-values and air flow requirements.  Please contact the Rockingham team with your pool hall designs and we can advise on the most suitable unit and estimated running costs for maintenance budgeting.