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Saunas & Steam Rooms


A wide range of Saunas are available for commercial and domestic use to suit your requirements.  Sauna baths come in a wide choice of sizes and designs - from small individual cabins that could be integrated into an existing bathroom to large luxurious rooms with plenty of space for bathers to relax and socialise.

Saunas are available as kit models or bespoke layouts; as traditional saunas, wet saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas or even herbal saunas.

Steam Rooms

Steam Rooms offer similar benefits to saunas, giving the body a boost of health and relaxation.  However there is a difference, a steam room provides gentle heat and high humidity instead of a saunas hot and dry heat.  The steam not only penetrates deep into skin’s pores, removing toxins and cleansing to leave your skin smooth and soft, it also increases blood circulation and is great at easing any tense muscles you may have.

Rockingham Swimming Pools have a range of steam rooms on offer from many different manufacturers.  From bespoke steam rooms to individual booths, from aromatherapy steams to steam room lights and steam resistant CD players; Rockingham can provide customers with a great steam experience for their leisure centre or home.