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School Pool Preventative Maintenance


In our opinion, regular preventative service checks can save greatly on pool maintenance costs, and if faults are found early, they are normally much cheaper to repair (for example pump seal failure with quick waterseal swap over to fix) compared to allowing the faults to cause greater damage over time, which could mean complete replacement plant equipment, pool downtime and cancellation of swim classes.  

Our team of highly talented service engineers currently carry out visits to many schools in the region to complete regular servicing on the facilities to ensure that they are in tip top condition.  Our short regular visits will include inspections of the Filtration Pump(s), Strainer Basket(s), Heater/Calarifier, Filter(s) & Filter Pressure(s), Automatic Dosing Systems, Isolation Valve(s), Pool Side Steps/Handrails, Skimmer(s), Inlet(s) and Outlet(s)/Vacuum Points, to ensure everything is operating correctly  A full Langelier Water Test will also be completed to ensure that the water is non corrosive to the pool and equipment, and safety advice is offered should we find anything that may be classed as a safety hazard for on site maintenance staff and bathers.

We also offer quick Urgent Callouts, One Off Inspection Visits, Installs, Repairs and Renovations; are can cater a service based on your frequency and budgets.