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Spas and Hot Tubs are great fun but evidence shows they are also very good for the Human Body. Immersion in hot swirling water has been known for centuries for its medicinal benefits. At water temperature of 35ºc there is an increase in cardiac output of up to 35% and these changes are magnified with increasing temperatures, so that at 37ºc the cardiac output is increased to 100%. The body is exercised as much by using a spa/hot tub as it would be jogging.

Luxury Tiled Spas

Rockingham Swimming Pools can offer luxury customised high quality spas, hand made in porcelain mosaic tiles and fully fitted with body and massaging jets. These spas can be designed into any size or shape, to fit perfectly into your pool hall or garden.


Swimspa users are guaranteed the perfect swimming experience without the need for a conventional pool, therefore swimspas are great water solutions where space is limited, for example within a converted garage.

Rockingham Pools can supply a great range of swimspas that would meet any requirements. Swimspas usually feature powerful counter current swim jet devices that enable bathers a strong current to swim against and therefore even professional swimming athletes can obtain a full aqua workout in a swimspa. Swimspas also feature a seating area featuring booster and massage jets for relaxing and unwinding.

Swimspas are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, finishes and can feature water fountains, lighting systems, water features, therapy jets.

Swimspa shells can be easily installed or if access is an issue, a swimspa can be delivered in sections, or a custom shotcrete swimspa can be built into position.

Portable Spas

Rockingham can offer the installation of many manufactured portable spas, which can be specified to suit your requirements. From hydromassage stations, interchangeable waterjets to sculptured seating, our team can advise on the most suitable spa for your installation.