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Domestic Swimming Pools - Water Treatment Advice


Good circulation will ensure the proper distribution of water throughout your pool.  Watch out for dead spots, areas of poor circulation (i.e. corners or behind pool steps) and take care of these when brushing or vacuuming.


The pool filter will remove large and small suspended matter from the water and without an efficient filtration system, no amount of chemicals will make the water sparkle. Typically your pump and filter combination will be matched with your pool to get a water turnover period of 6-8 hours. Keep that pump running at least 12 hours every day.


Brushing the walls and floor, vacuuming the floor and removing debris from the water surface are all necessary parts of regular pool maintenance. Cleaning around the pool’s waterline should also be completed regularly as this area is where grease deposits can accumulate, allowing debris to stick easily to it. This debris provides a source of food for bacteria and algae to grow.


Regularly testing your pool water is vital to ensure that the water is safe for bathers to use. As a guide testing disinfectant and pH levels twice a week when the pool is being used is an absolute minimum requirement for domestic pools.


Pool water treatment should be easy and not consume a lot of your leisure time. Rockingham Engineers have been extensively trained to help you in your quest for the perfect pool conditions, and can give advice on the best maintenance procedure for your pool.

Balance - Set up your pool at the start of each season or after heavy dilution by balancing the pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.

Sanitise - Keep that bacteria controlled using a chemical sanitiser. Chlorine, Bromine, Active Oxygen or Peroxide ranges are available from Rockingham Pools.

Oxidise - Non-filterable wastes like perspiration, cosmetics and suntan lotion can build up in your pool. This can lead to unpleasant bathing conditions, cloudy water and provide food for algae growth. Add an oxidizer to your pool to remove these wastes, purify the water and restore clarity and water sparkle.

Algaecide - Algae are microscopic plant life that can multiply very rapidly in pool water. They can be the bane of pool owners lives as they could turn a clear pool green and unusable very quickly. It costs far more in time and money to cure an algae problem than prevent it. Always use an algaecide to stop algae gaining a foothold.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or wish for an individual maintenance plan to be drawn up for your swimming pool or spa. Rockingham Swimming Pools can also offer regular maintenance services, please see our maintenance section for more details.