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The concept of wellness is becoming accepted as the best treatment to combat everyday aspects of our lives in a society increasingly dominated by stress. Having a wellness space in your home or leisure centre means that users can enjoy the luxury of a place to escape from the outside world, treating themselves to some time, peace and quiet that is required to replenish energy levels. In addition to swimming pools, spas, steam rooms and saunas; Rockingham can install a variety of wellness equipment to complement any pool hall.

Wellbeing Products

Saunas - Steam Rooms - Roman Baths - Ice Stations - Ice Grottos - Hydrospas - Spas - Deck Water Cascades - Water Projectors

Wall/Ceiling Water Cascades - Hydromassage Jets - Bubble Snakes - Hydromassage Seats - Air loungers - Feature Showers - Foot Spas