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Welcome to the Andover Sub Aqua club

....Why not come down for a trydive?....A whole new holiday option for 2015....Details below...

Come Diving with us.
Andover SAC is a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). BSAC's main aim is to get people diving, so if you want to go diving why not come along and go diving with us. If you have trained with another agency, PADI, SAA, etc you don't need to do any training but can dive with us to the limits of your existing qualification. You would only need to have insurance, which you can get through your training agency.

If you later decide to join the club and do more training you can simply cross over at a level corresponding to your current training grade and do the next course up. There is no need to repeat what you already know. See the calendar for some of the diving we have planned but most diving is done informally and never reaches the website, so contact us for a chat.

If you are interested in diving or learning to dive with our club,come and see us at The British Legion from about 9pm onwards on a Tuesday evening. Alternatively, contact one of the committee.

If you wish to do a try dive to see if Scuba Diving is your "thing" the see the Forms button for information on try dives with us.