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Introduction to the School

The Sri Sai Baba Super Spirituality Hospital Trust is constructing an International Public School located on the outskirts of Rishikesh.  The school is called Sri Sai Baba International Public School.  This school project is planned with the divine blessings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.  Its unique educational concept is developed by Guruji.

The School was inaugurated in July 2005.  It started with the Primary Level and it will gradually be developed into Secondary Level and then towards HSC to teaching Pre-University.

The School is a non-profit making institution.  It is a co-educational institute having day boarding concept with a modern hostel attached.  The medium of instruction is English and it will be affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India.

The Aims and Ideals of the School

The school motto is “nasti vidya samam tapah”.  It means that there is no penance like education.

The project is based on ideals of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and will confer on its alumni the confidence and courage, the knowledge and skill to shape their careers by their own efforts, standing on their own feet and relying on their own strength.  Spiritual education is being integrated harmoniously with the teaching of ethical and physical sciences.

The modern education systems are aimed at producing employees.  However, this institution is expected to offer value-based education to the students with a task of raising the human beings to the level of intellectualism and divinity.  The five basic human values being propagated by Sai Baba are: Sathya (to speak truth), Dharma (to practise duty), Shanti (develop inner peace), Prema (cultivate love towards all humanity) and to follow Ahimsa (non-violence) in day-to-day activities.  All these five human values will form the basic nature of training in the school.  The aim of the institution will be to Speak Truth and Practise Righteousness.  These values, when cherished by the students, will be an inspiration to others to lead such a value-based life.

The Educational Concept

The school's educational concept in based on four columns:

  1. Normal Curriculum: There will be the normal curriculum.  Medium of instruction will be English.  All children will be given the opportunity to learn three languages (English, Hindi and, for example, in the case of overseas students, their native language).

  1. Vocational Training: In the 6th class, there will be a test of every student to find out his or her special interests, abilities and talents.  According to their results, they will be trained in their special field (e.g. Audio-Visual, Computers, Welding, Carpentry, Automotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Arts and Music) so that they would have completed a vocational training when they leave the school.  After leaving school, this will help them to become self-employed.  If they wish, they can continue in higher education in their chosen subjects to become an engineer, for example.

  1. Spiritual Education: This includes breathing exercises, meditation, self-purification (Pooja) and yoga.

  1. Sports and Physical Training:  In addition to the official syllabus, there will be sports such as swimming, horse riding and hiking.

The Structure Within The Complex

Temple The main structure in this complex will be a beautiful temple dedicated to Ganesha and Devi Saraswati (the Goddess of Learning).

Junior Block comprising the administrative centre for primary level, classrooms for accommodating students for Primary Level (i.e. from Nursery to 5th standard), computer labs, playroom, music room.

Senior Block with administrative centre, classrooms for accommodating students for Secondary Level (i.e. from 6th to 12th standard) and a fully-computerized library.

Hostel Block with separate hostels for girls and boys.  The hostel will have a capacity of over 100 students who will get adequate facilities to make them feel at home.  Hobbies and spiritual activities will be supported.

Workshop Block with the vocational training, canteen and rooms for activities.

Auditorium with a capacity of 1000 students

Medical Facility, Electricity (generator),  Sports Facilities (swimming pool etc.)

General Information

The school will cater for day scholars as well as outsiders.  Scholarship will be provided to a percentage of poor local people with no caste barrier.  Overseas children will form part of the school.

The school year begins in April.  Holidays are in summer (during May and June for 8 weeks) and in winter (during December and January for 10 days).

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