sapere aude:

Reclaiming the common sense foundations of knowledge:
The incapacitation of mathematics by logicism: Special Relativity as evidence.

First upload: 16 January 1999
Last revised: 15 November 2016

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Contents: sapere aude

Contents, page two and three:

page two:
1. SR orthodoxy and Einstein's 1905 Transformation of Coordinates: Mathematics in transit from visualization to blind trust in equations.
2. Einstein's "Simple Derivation".
3. Tower of Babel: On the nature of relativistic effects.

page three:
A brief discussion of critics' arguments: The mathematics of Special Relativity (SR)


1. Introduction to sapere aude:

Reclaiming the common sense foundations of knowledge: The incapacitation of mathematics by logicism -

Special Relativity as evidence, with catastrophic consequences for physics.

The sapere aude title of my website echoes the call of the Enlightenment:

Enlightenment is Man's emergence from self-imposed tutelage, that is to say, from the inability to use the intellect without guidance by another. It is self-imposed if its cause does not lie in a deficiency of the intellect but of the courage and determination to use it autonomously. Sapere aude! Have the courage to think! is therefore the motto of the Enlightenment. (I. Kant, Was ist Aufklärung?)
Generations of physicists (see below for links to databases and individuals) have protested against developments in physics perceived as irrational, most particularly Einstein's so-called Special theory of Relativity (Special Relativity, SR), thought to be at the root of such developments.

SR is believed to have changed our view of the world of physics. As one revisits any of the scores of highbrow expositions of the theory, its philosophical foundations or implications (say, a Russell, Nagel, or Toulmin), one is told that "some people" find the new world of Einstein difficult because they are unable to free themselves from primitive preconceptions. We are thus in the anomalous situation where "some people", namely precisely the physicists working in relevant branches of the discipline, completely reject Einstein's SR, while the literati (from the erudite to the socialites in early twentieth century popular fiction) delight in their ability to expound "the meaning of Einstein's relativity" with supreme ease.

Einstein's SR rests on a set of equations, arrived at by a transformation in terms of the conventional procedures of kinematics and coordinate geometry. At an earlier time in the development of mathematics (De Morgan's logic) it had been recognized that a set of equations may be valid in one context yet false in another. Historical circumstances (profound and revolutionary changes in mathematics, disputes between philosophical schools) may have been responsible for the failure to consider the possibility that just this kind of circumstance might lie at the root of the "problems" with SR.

There is, e.g. the much debated "paradoxicality" of its implications - for instance, the finding that, if only one changes the unit of time measurement in a certain way, two co-extensive lengths L and L' can be seen to be "reciprocally contracted", such that L>L' as well as L'>L - the problem that had led to Dingle's protest. N.B.: Changing the unit of time measurement, in itself, should not be problematical. Problems arise in Einstein's approach for two reasons. First, as is evident even in the faulty time-equation present in the final set, the result would be inapplciable (time running fast one way and slow the other). Secondly, the "paradox" of "reciprocal contraction" arises because the change is not consistently carried through.
In the present case, if we assume the symbols x, y, z, t to denote "variables", Einstein's set delivers a valid solution to an algebraic problem mathematicians had been working on at the time (invariant theory; Minkowski's approach to the Michelson-Morley problem). In the context of four-dimensensional (4D) algebra, Einstein's set is certainly a valid solution.

In Einstein's own context (pathlengths in kinematics, t not a variable but a parameter, a 3D sphere with the radius ct) the set of equations delivers a "paradoxical" solution because some of Einstein's symbolic expressions do not actually represent their referents, namely the explixitly described corresponding elements of his sphere. That is to say, in Einstein's own context, the set of equations is not a valid solution. A century of discussions has tied itself into endless knots concerning the logic of SR merely because the quantitative description has been disregarded as irrelevant.

There exist a general awe of things mathematical, and of Einstein, in particular, somewhere up in some mathematical stratosphere. Rather nearer to the mark is Jacques Barzun, in The House of Intellect (p.21): "when Einstein's misguided friends publish his non-scientific essays, thereby exposing his intellectual inadequacy, naive astonishment is soon succeeded by excessive contempt ...". The most significant trait in Einstein's "intellect" may have been his capacity to generate a conceptual fog so dense and toxic as to entice an elite among philosophers (e.g. in the assumption of "laws" being "the same" for all observers but measurements "relative" to each).
Unfortunately, in consequence of the rise of a new philosophy of mathematics which has resulted in a revolution in mathematics itself, mathematical methods vital for physics have come to be neglected.
As emerges clearly from Kline's history, mathematics, including the mathematics of number, up to recent times, had been geometry-based (visualized idealized, e.g. abstract, spatial arrays). Furthermore, developments had in their entirety been driven by the problems of physics ("things moving in space"), including the concept of nD mathematical space as an aid in the study of mathematical functions that arise in the study of physical problems. (As is well known from computer processing, purely deductive procedures inevitably get caught in recursive loops. That a post-logicist mathematics "purified" of the inductive control by its empiricist purpose has mushroomed in just such a way does not surprise.) For physicists, the ability to "read" equations as the language of space is a prerequisite for study.
Younger generations of physicists, as opposed to SR as their predecessors, can therefore no longer even "read" the symbolic expressions in Einstein's 3D coordinate transformation. A "simple" mathematical mistake, conjoined with strange philosophical notions concerning the "nature" of space and time, is thus able to continue to stand as an obstacle to progress in a physics conceived upon rational principles.

My argument will seem to be altogether too crude. In earlier versions I had attempted to sketch the philosophical background, but this is impossibly complex for two reasons. Firstly, the huge secondary literature, if only for its deeply embedded anti-empricist misconceptions, today at the core of the philosophy of science, needs to be taken into account. Secondly, earlier philosophical battles that had culminated in the take-over of mathematics by an anti-geometrical mathematical logic, continue today in the cognitive sciences. Themes in the history of pre-logicist mathematics, in philosophy (theory of knowledge), as well as cognitive science therefore warrant attention. I will list some such themes, with a bibliography of texts I have found useful, in an Archive (under construction). What is needed more immediately is the recovery, among physicists, of that basic ability to read equations as in Einstein's 1905 transformation (coordinate geometry, including its application in kinematics where a distance s has the form s = speed·time, and including the geometric representation of functions in nD mathematical space, conventional ever since the time of Newton and Laplace).
For present purposes, as I have done as long as I been online (1999) I support here those physicists (some organized in groups) who are trying to find their way back out of the mystagoguery and irrationality of a current theoretical physics built on Einstein's mathematical and logical foundations.

Sapere aude!

Using our intellect without guidance by another must be foremost in the exercise or our moral capacity.

2. Links to databases (archives of publications critical of the foundations of physics and of SR).

Changes in mathematics teaching, underway already in 1905, have progressively prevented the development of the important skill of visual logic. Hence the difficulty with "reading", e.g., the equations of kinematics, as denoting visual geometric referents (components of figures). Although objections have been raised against Einstein's mathematical solution (self-contradictory, inapplicable in physical reality), on the whole, critics accept the orthodox assumption that a "theory" can be refuted only by experiment. Critics thus never confront the actual problem of SR itself, nor the very serious implications of its acceptance by mathematicians and of subsequent developments in theoretical physics.
Natural Philosophers Database, John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society (CNPS).
The organization, despairing of progress, is exploring a new strategy; the unfortunate new form of the (virtually inaccessible) database demonstrates the notion that critical arguments, however worthy, are of secondary importance because proven to be unproductive. To facilitate access, I include in my list of critics (Section 4) links to their CNPS profile.
Walter Babins's The general science journal - singular among sites hosted by individual critics.

Dr. Arteha's website is so rich as to demand inclusion here, as also
his Antirelativistic library
and the resource Physical Congress, St. Petersburg (formerly, with English links in preparation.
(I am grateful for Dr. Artehas's graceous help with information.)
(Some of the papers presented at the St. Petersburg conferences are also available at

Research Group "Geometry and Physics" (Director: Prof. Umberto Bartocci), Department of Mathematics, University of Perugia, Via Vanvitelli 1, 06100 Perugia, Italy;
For Prof. Bartocci's erudite e-journal Episteme (2000-2004) go to (The Episteme-site is often unavailable for long periods, but has tended eventually to turn up again.)
Comment: Note that Prof. Bartocci, a mathematician, declares that in "a mathematical (and therefore theoretical) sense, SR is completely consistent and correct"; see

Ekkehard Friebe: Wissenschaft und Moralische Verantwortung (Archive of publications)

Physics-Uspekhi (Advances in Physical Sciences), List of Authors.

Gegner der Relativitaetstheorie (Robert Markweger's Directory of opponents of the TR).

EDITIONS D'ASSAILLY, Jean de Climont dissident list. Publisher: Christian Sutterlin.

For an exhaustive documentation of books and papers critical of SR see the German GOM Project Relativity (pseudonymous G. O. Mueller) - 95 YEARS OF CRITICISM OF THE SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY (1908-2003) (now expanded to 2012), in particular

In the A-Z list of critics of foundations I refer to lists of typical titles (books, articles, conference papers); because of its size my references to the GOM Project are highly selective. The email correspondence published by Prof. Bartocci is also of interest. References in the A-Z below are as follows:

3. Critics A-Z

In view of their large number (the GOM bibliography - by no means complete - names ca. 1350 authors) I include here only those critics who have published (or participated in events such as conferences) since 1970, or where GOM-Kap.4 contains information about their arguments (summaries, quotations, reviews, comments). My criterion of selection is the defence of common sense (with comment in the case of exceptions).
Please send corrections, and any information you wish to be included, to No attachments.

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This url seems to be changing frequently; currently even google search loads a dead link. I'll try correcting it as soon as I can find it.
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Noskov, Nikolai K., Russia

Nowak, Karl, Dipl. Ing., Vienna, Austria
(1942f. gom4+5)

Nutricati, Pompilio, Italy
(1998 gom4+5)

Ofner, Peter F., Australia
(gom4; Ap)

Omeljanowskij, M. E.
(1973 gom4)

Oswald, Dietrich, Reutlingen, Germany
(1978 gom4+5)

Owen Sr., William H., Australia
(gom4; Ap)

Pagels, Kurt, Germany
(1979f. gom4+5; CNPS database)

Palacios, Julio, Spain
(1953f, 1971 gom4+5)

Palmieri, Renato, Italy

Panarella, Dr. Emilio, Editor, Physics Essays, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6, Canada
(CNPS database)

Parish, Leonard, U.K.
(1977f. gom4+5)

Parshin, Prof. Pavel Fyedorovich (Head of Dept. of Physics, Academy of Civil Aviation, St. Peterburg), Russia
(gom4; GE 91)

Pavlovic, Milan R., Belgrade, Yugoslavia
(2000 gom4; CNPS database)

Pendleton, Alan, USA

Pernes, Dipl. Ing. Lothar, Germany
(CNPS Member)

Persson, John-Erik
(CNPS Member; gom4; GE 99f.)

Peshchevitskiy, Prof. Boris Ivanovich, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk 630090, Russia
(1986f. gom4+5; GE 91f.)

Phipps Jr., Dr. Thomas E., Urbana, IL 61801, USA
(CNPS Member; 1973f. gom4+5; Ap; bartml; GE 91f.)

Physikus (Giordano B.), Germany

Podlaha, M. F.
(1977f. gom4)

Pohl, Manfred, Germany

Poor Charles Lane
(1921-30 gom4+5)

Preikschat, F. K., Germany
(1976f. gom4+5)

Preußker, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H., Halstenbek, Germany
(1994 gom4)

Quiring, Heinrich, Germany
(1952f. gom4+5)

Rado, Steven, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA
(CNPS database)

Ratcliffe, Hilton, U.K.
(CNPS Member)

Rehmann, Dr. Günter, Düsseldorf, Germany
(1958f. gom4+5)

Reising, Martin, Offenbach/Main, Germany
(1987f. gom4+5)

Renshaw, Curtis E., Tele-Consultants, Inc., Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA
(CNPS member; gom4; Ap; GE 96f.)

Rey, Francis R. J., Toulon, France

Riem, Prof. Johannes
(1920f. gom4)

Ripota, Dipl. Ing. Peter, Redakteur P.M. Magazin, Germany
(1997f. gom4; CNPS)

Rohmer, Reinhard, Dipl. Ing. (FH), Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
(1996f. gom4+5)

Romalo, Dan, Romania

Rösch, Peter, OStR, D-76709 Kronau, Germany

Rudakov, Dr. N., P.O. Box 723, Geelong, Victoria 3213, Australia
(1981 gom4+5)

Ryzhkov, L., Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Ukraine
(1991 gom4)

Sanborn, Herbert C.
(1956 gom4)

Sapper, Prof. Dr. Karl, Graz, Austria
(1939f., 1952f. gom4+5)

Schauer, Dipl. Phys., Lorenz, Germany

Schneider, Horst, 03096 Burg/Spreewald, Germany
(1981 gom4+5)

Schock, Rolf, Department of Mathematics, Royal Institute of Technology, 10044 Stockholm 70, Sweden
(1981f. gom4)

Sekerin, Dr. Vladimir Illich, Novosibirsk, Russia
(1991 gom4+5; CNPS database)

Selleri, Prof. Franco, Physics Department, University of Bari, Italy
(gom4; CNPS database; Ap)
Prof. Selleri is listed as a learned participant in "critical" events; his own attempts to formulate alternative time-bending formalisms hardly qualify him as a defender of common sense.

Severi, Francesco, Italy
(1924f. gom4)

Sharma, Prof. Rati Ram, India
CNPS Member

Shimmin, William "Lee", Houston, TX 77055-6933, USA
(gom4; GE 94)

Shpitalnaya, Dr. Alexandra A., St. Petersburg Oberservatory, Russia

Siepmann, Dr. James P., ed. Journal of Theoretics, Oshkosh, WI 54904, USA
(CNPS database)

Sintini, Amleto, Italy
(1970 gom4+5)

Smid, Dr. Thomas, UK
(CNPS Member)

Smirnov, Prof. Anatoly P., St. Petersburg, Russia
(CNPS database)

Smith, Prof. Joseph Wayne, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Adelaide, Australia
(1985 gom4)

Smulsky, Prof. Joseph J., Institute of Earth Cryosphere, Tyumen, Russia
( CNPS database; gsj; 1988f. gom4+5)

Sprecic, Mustafa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stoinov, Dimiter G., Sofia, Bulgaria

Strehl, Prof. Dr. Karl
(1921f. gom4)

Strel'tsov, Dr. V. N., Laboratory of High Energies, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region 141980, Russia
(gom4+5; Ap; GE 98f., 00f., 05)

Suhorukov, G.I., E.G., and R.G., Bratsk State Technical University, Russia

Szego, Laszlo, Bondi, NSW 2026, Australia
(gom4; Ap)

Tedenstig, Ove, S-19 551 Märsta, Sweden
(gom4; CNPS database; GE 91f.)

Teppo, Karl, Mermaid Waters 4218, Queensland, Australia

Theimer, Dr. Walter, Germany
(1977f. gom4+5)

Theocharis, Dr. Theo (*1952) (formerly of Department of Physics, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London), London, U.K.
(1986f. gom4; CNPS database; bartml)

Thim, Dr. Hartwig W., Prof. Em. Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
CNPS Member

Thompson, Caroline, UK
(2002 gom4; CNPS database)

Thornhill, Dr. Charles Kenneth, Australia

Tolchel'nikova-Murri, Dr. Svetlana A., Central Astronomical Observatory, Pulkovo, Russia
(gom4; bartml; GE 92f.)

Tombe, Prof. F. David, Belfast BT15 5HU, Northern Ireland, U.K.
(CNPS Member; GE 92f.; gsj and gsj)

Tonini, Valerio, Italy
(1948f. gom4+5)

Turzyniecki, Kazimierz, Warsaw, Poland

Twiss, Frank, Sammamish, WA 98075, USA
(GE 92f.)

Vogtherr, Karl, Germany
(1921f. gom4+5)

Vukelja, Aleksandar, Kac, Serbia & Montenegro
(CNPS database)

Wallace, Dr. Bryan G., St. Petersburg, FL 33710, USA
(1969f. gom4+5)

Wanek, Dr. Erich, Germany
(1962 gom4)

Wankow, Borislaw, Sofia, Bulgaria

Weitzel, Donald F., Winnetka, CA 91306, USA
(gom4; GE 96f., 02)

Wenz, Holger, Ludwigshafen/Rh., Germany
(1987 gom4)

Wesley, Dr. J. Paul (Publisher of Global Dissident Physics Survey), Germany
(1968f. gom4+5; Ap; bartml)

This url seems to be changing frequently; currently even google search loads a dead link. I'll try correcting it as soon as I can find it.
Whitney, Dr. Cynthia Kolb (*1941), Editor: Galilean Electrodynamics, Space Time Analyses Ltd., Arlington, MA 02176-7331, USA
(gom4; CNPS Director; Ap)

Wittke, Ernest C., USA

Xu Shaozhi, Dr., Beijing Control Device Research Institute, P.R. China
(gom4; Ap; GE 92f.)

Xu Xiangqun, Dr., Beijing, P.R. China
(gom4; Ap)

Zapffe, Dr. Carl A.
(1977f. gom4+5; gsj)

Zeng, Prof. Qingping, China

Zhuck, Dr. Nikolay A., Ed.-in-Chief Spacetime & Substance, Kharkiv, Ukraine
(CNPS database)

Zweig, Dr. Hans J.
(CNPS database)

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